6 Part-Time Jobs in Bowling Green You’ll Actually Enjoy

6 Part-Time Jobs in Bowling Green You’ll Actually Enjoy

Thankfully, there are ample opportunities for work in Bowling Green and several part-time gigs you may actually enjoy. 

Dog Walker/Pet Sitter 

There are more than 60 million U.S. households that own a dog, and the owners of these dogs do need help on occasion. If you’re good with dogs and animals, you may be able to earn a part-time income to support student living as a dog walker or pet sitter. You may even find fellow students in off-campus housing or student apartments who need your help. The average pay for animal care services is about $13.79 per hour, and there are actually apps, like Wag and Rover that are always looking for dog walkers and pet sitters in certain areas to help out customers. 

Driver for Lyft or Uber 

Just about anyone with a decent car and a driver’s license can be a professional driver these days, and Lyft and Uber services are both available in the Bowling Green area. You can make an average of just over $15 an hour as a driver for these companies. Best of all, you get to meet all kinds of people and work when you have time to give rides between classes or studying. There are some basic requirements for working for ride app companies. For example, Lyft in Kentucky requires you:

  • To have your own insurance coverage
  • To have your vehicle inspected
  • To have a vehicle that is 2003 or newer


Coffee is the magical fuel that gets you through study binges and rough mornings, so coffee shops are easy to find around colleges and universities, and Bowling Green has several. The average barista will rake in $10.98 per hour plus tips. Working as a Barista can be an enjoyable job because people are generally happy to see you and what you’re serving. Plus, being a barista at some places will land you an attractive discount on your own coffee—major bonus!


If you’re a whiz at certain subjects and have good teaching skills, you may be able to pick up a part-time gig as a tutor. Tutors are often in high demand in the Bowling Green area because there is such a high student population. The pay can be really good too, sometimes fetching you as much as $18 or more per hour. 

Freelance Writer 

Freelance writers are typically hired by online companies who need web content written for one purpose or another. There are actually sites that act as platforms for freelance writers to find gigs or work as needed. Because the work is done online, you can get up and grab a few jobs in your pajamas before you head off to class. The average writer makes about $24 per hour, which can be well enough to support your living expenses in off-campus student housing, pay for your food, or otherwise support you as a student.